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Title: Observation on ISIS(muslim extremism)
Post by: JB from Missouri on March 25, 2016, 07:50:19 am
Got a point to make on the current invasion.....
A long, long time ago..... In a world far removed from our own, or maybe not so much.....
Title: Re: Observation on ISIS(muslim extremism)
Post by: JB from Missouri on March 25, 2016, 08:00:14 am
Once the Temple forced the government to kill this upstart, spouting the unadulterated Truth THEY, the Levite priests, had worked so hard to keep in a place of darkness, His message was running stronger and farther that even THEY thought possible.
THEY came to the distasteful decision of joining ranks with the Arab infidels to create a new foe to this creation called Christian. One that was quickly undoing what had taken them countless years and, literally, gallons of blood from the Prophets Abba had sent to the House of Israel. As a way of bringing His disobedient children back to tending the Garden, as opposed to working to convince THEIR Brothers and Sisters that their job was to provide for THEIR well-being and sustenance.

(Got your attention yet???)
Title: Re: Observation on ISIS(muslim extremism)
Post by: JB from Missouri on March 25, 2016, 08:02:53 am
Care for more? Let me know. Otherwise I will know now is not the time..... Here would be fine, just know I don't leave this link up 24/7. Alternatively, I am here; JB (620)515-5165 jbm41161@yahoo.com
Also realize I am not alone and We are anti-LEGION.....
Title: Re: Observation on ISIS(muslim extremism)
Post by: JB from Missouri on April 06, 2016, 01:54:50 pm
Had a couple of articles cross my desk that will pull a lot of this discourse together. The biggest difference between 2016 and 1776 is that in the 18th century we were struggling with a foreign monarch, living far from our shores. Today THEY live among us and control through either money, threats of bodily harm, personally or to our family, or complete economic decimation of our livelihoods.
 Here goes;
100-800 AD – an incredibly Evil Society Emerges in Khazaria: Khazarians develop into a nation ruled by an evil king, who had ancient Babylonian black arts, occult oligarchs serving as his court. During this time, Khazarians become known to surrounding countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murdered as a normal occupational practice and way of life.
800 AD – The Ultimatum is delivered by Russia and other surrounding nations: The leaders of the surrounding nations, especially Russia, have had so many years of complaints by their citizens that, as a group, they deliver an ultimatum to the Khazarian king. They send a communique to the Khazarian king that he must choose one of the three Abrahamic religions for his people, and make it his official state religion and require all Khazarian citizens to practice it, and socialize all Khazarian children to practice that faith.
The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian czar. Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practicing ancient Babylonian black-magic, also known as Secret Satanism. This Secret Satanism involved occult ceremonies featuring child sacrifice, after “bleeding them out”, drinking their blood and eating their hearts.
The deep dark secret of the occult ceremonies was that they were all based on ancient Baal Worship, also known as worship of the Owl. In order to fool the confederacy of nations led by Russia that were watching Khazaria, the Khazarian king melded these Luciferian black-magick practices with Judaism and created a secret Satanic-hybrid religion, known as Babylonian Talmudism. This was made the national religion of Khazaria, and nurtured the same evil that Khazaria was known for before.
Sadly, the Khazarians continued their evil ways, robbing and murdering those from surrounding countries who traveled through Khazaria. Khazarian robbers often attempted to assume their identities after they murdered these visitors, and became masters of disguises and false identities — a practice they have continued even to this very day, along with their child-sacrifice occult ceremonies, which are actually ancient Baal Worship.
1,200 AD – Russia and the surrounding nations have had enough and take action: About 1,200 AD, the Russians led a group of nations surrounding Khazaria and invaded it, in order to stop the Khazarian crimes against their people, which included kidnapping of their young children and infants for their blood sacrifice ceremonies to Baal. The Khazarian king and his inner court of criminals and murderers came to be known as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) by neighboring countries.
The Khazarian leaders had a well-developed spy network through which they obtained prior warning and escaped from Khazaria to European nations to the west, taking their vast fortune with them in gold and silver. They laid low and regrouped, while assuming new identities. In secret, they continued their Satanic child blood and sacrifice rituals, and trusted Baal to give them the whole world and all its riches, as they claimed he had promised them, as long as they kept bleeding out and sacrificing children and infants for him.
The Khazarian king and his court Mafia plotted eternal revenge against the Russians and the surrounding nations that invaded Khazaria and drove them from power.
1640AD - The Khazarian Mafia invades England after being expelled for hundreds of years: To accomplish their invasion, they hired Oliver Cromwell to murder King Charles 1, and make England safe for banking again. This began the English Civil Wars which raged for nearly a decade, resulting in regicide of the royal family and hundreds of the genuine English nobility. This is how the City of London was set up as the banking capital of Europe and launched the beginning of the British Empire.

Which does the ground work for this from; Barnes Review Volume XVIII #5 Sept/Oct/2012   Lead article; The Hidden Origins of the Bank of England  by Stephen Goodson
ALFRED THE GREAT[865 - 899] Made usury a crime./
EDWARD THE CONFESSOR[1042 – 1066] Death penalty for usury./
WILLIAM I[1066 - 1087]Funded by Jewish bankers./
EDWARD I[1272 – 1307] Banished Jews from realm.
(END OF A GOLDEN ERA companion inset)Throughout most of the Middle Ages, Portuguese Jews enjoyed unparalleled freedom, wealth and power. They occupied key positions in government, academia, commerce and the professions of medicine, science and law. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England, some 20-30 Portuguese Marranos(Jews who pretended to be Christian) settled in London. One of the most notable was Rodrigo Lopes, the queen’s physician. Lopes dabbled in international intrigue and was hanged, drawn and quartered in 1594 for allegedly plotting to poison the queen. His widow was allowed by the queen’s bounty to retain his estate. The fre’es Peyrere(Pereira) of Bordeaux and later Paris, contemporaries and associates of the Rothschilds, were Marrano descendants. The Rockefellers, it is said, were also Marranos. The original Rockefeller made his money selling narcotics(which were legal then). After acquiring a little capital, he branched out into oil. But it was the Rothschild money that made the Rockefellers so powerful.
(CROMWELL AND THE ENGLISH WAR companion inset) OLIVER CROMWELL: THE MESSIAH? Rosicrucian Mason Oliver Cromwell, in 1642, when King Charles I of England, the son of King James, and brother to Elizabeth Stuart, wife of Frederick of the Palatinate of the Rhine, tried to arrest five members of Parliament  for obstructive behavior, the English Masonic Civil War erupted, and Oliver Cromwell assumed command of the Parliamentary forces. The civil war in England ultimately toppled the Stuart dynasty with the beheading of King Charles I(following inset). There were among the Cromwell Puritans some influential Rosicrucians who funded his revolution. Among the Rosicrucians there were powerful Kabalistic Marrano Jews, who convinced Cromwell that without the spread of Jews worldwide, the biblical millennium could not arrive. Cromwell did their bidding by allowing them to immigrate to England. Well-placed Rosicrucians gave Cromwell advanced knowledge of British troop movements. Consequently he won every battle. Later, during his protectorate, Cromwell surrounded himself with Rosicrucian Masons. Cromwell promised Jewish representatives that through freemasonry he would symbolically rebuild for them Solomon’s Temple. The Jewish document that Cromwell used to turn Freemasonry into the synagogue of Satan was the Kabala. This caused many Jews to consider Cromwell might be their Messiah.
(MURDER OF KING CHARLES I companion inset) Parliament claimed King Charles I was responsible for all the deaths, burnings, damages, and mischiefs to the nation in the civil war in England and so they brought him to trial. It was the first time a king in England had ever been put on trial. The king said the court had no jurisdiction and refused to enter a plea. Found guilty, the innocent king, a good Christian, was sentenced to death. On January 30, 1649, the king was marched to the scaffold to have his head cutoff with an axe. He wore two shirts to keep him from shivering(from the winter temperature) because the people might think him afraid to face his maker.
(WAR AND DEBT SLAVERY companion inset) Political Zionism-the attempt of the Jews to take over Palestine- actually didn’t start with the Balfour Declaration.  Napoleon Bonaparte, founder of the Banque of France, was among the first Christian Zionists. In Paris, Le Moniteur Universal published in 1799 a short statement sent from the French forces besieging Acre, saying that, “Bounaparte a fait publier une proclamation, dans laquelle il invite les juifs de l`Asie et de l`Afrique a` venir se ranger sous ses drapeaux, pour re`tablir l`ancienne Je’rusalem; il en a de’ja` arme’ un grand nombre, et leurs bataillons menacent Alep.” This has been translated in English as: “Bonaparte has published a proclamation in which he invites all the Jews of Asia and Africa to gather under his flag in order to re-establish the ancient Jerusalem. He has already given arms to a great number, and their battalions threaten Allepo.” But Napoleon was defeated in Palestine, and the Zionist scheme temporarily fell through as a result. Throughout his empire, Napoleon gave the Jews equal rights with Christians. Call toll free at 1-877-773-9077 to charge. Order online at www.barnesreview.org

The preceeding has been a very credible timeline of the 'CABAL' which has enslaved the world since the beginning of the "AD", "BCE", "BE" etc. Should you wish to call them Jews, NAZIs, Muslims, Cabalists, NWO, yada-yada-yada.... that is completely up to you. Just know that there is only one commonality amongst all these labels, that being members of the People on this planet that have no compuction about selling out their neighbors, and even family members, to make sure their positions at the pinnacle of existance are constant. Now for where we are currently at as a populated planet that consumates here;

From: http://www.marketskeptics.com/2011/06/the-esf-and-its-history.html
Part 1:                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ssrcD5GdPQ
Part 2:                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImuVUab6WW0
Part 3:                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Qsll_5-FXc
Part 4:                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iK-741ISz94
Part 5:                    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQf-u2nCVSw