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Title: New Zealand - Nelson Ben Fuchs Fan
Post by: JackieNelson on September 22, 2015, 04:27:14 pm
Being awake can be isolating. My family and friends are not open to some basic truths.  I'm well educated in nutrition and wrote a book about diabetes and insulin, 15 years ago. Am also a Registered Nurse working in Nelson New Zealand.  Are there any forum members from this area?  Would be great to just speak on the phone or meet in person. Thanks,  Jackie
Title: Re: New Zealand - Nelson Ben Fuchs Fan
Post by: tufff1 on September 24, 2015, 01:30:56 pm
Jackie, I have studied nutrition intensely for the last four years.  I wrote The Owner's Manual for the Human Body, 700 pages and growing.  My family and friends refuse to embrace nutrition even though I've piece mealed my info to them.  So I would enjoy visiting with another like minded person and compare notes with you.  Call me at 316-993-6893  Brad

Anyone, feel free to call me.
Title: Re: New Zealand - Nelson Ben Fuchs Fan
Post by: brokenanthankful on September 25, 2015, 09:45:30 am
I just found your post. I cannot call you my house phone has no distance calls, but do you mind if we talk through email? I will check your book. I have always been sick and doctors never knew what to do with me, soi have always been reading and researching by my own, then some 3 years ago i met Ben Fuchs and i started listening to him , i have learned sooooo much from him, i have talked to him on phone and he is my go to when i have a question. I even created my own website www.enzymes.news where i post my research pls checkit  out, i also write for www.heartandbody.com pls checkit out too, go to health blog. Im always reading and researching thats pretty much all i do. I would love to talk to you , i also replied to the lady from new zealand. i have myself been wanting to find people that are health minded like me , its amazing how medicalized people are and against nutrition. can you reply using my email : brokenanthankful@aol.com my name is noelia.