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Title: Way too much focus on Europe and Asia
Post by: SingleTax on May 03, 2015, 07:15:21 pm
When Webster addresses domestic issues, it's as though he's throwing a crumb to his American-based audience.

That's why I usually end up fast-forwarding through most of his show.
Title: "Anywhere But America" Radio
Post by: SingleTax on June 06, 2015, 02:10:20 pm
I'm sad to say that, more often than not, I find myself referring to "World" Crisis Radio as "Anywhere But America" Radio, which is rather ironic in light of who the subject of Webster Tarpley's first "Unathorized Biography" was:

http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1991/Democrats-Lampoon-Bush-With-Anywhere-But-America-T-Shirts/id-331a13801612ac4bc7343b759dbaad1d (http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1991/Democrats-Lampoon-Bush-With-Anywhere-But-America-T-Shirts/id-331a13801612ac4bc7343b759dbaad1d)


AP , Associated Press
Nov. 4, 1991 12:41 PM ET

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The Democratic National Committee is taking a fresh swipe at President Bush's frequent foreign travels with a T-shirt promoting his ''Anywhere But America Tour.''

The president heads for Rome on Wednesday to attend a two-day NATO meeting, a trip that inspired the wording on the front of the T-shirt: ''George Bush Went To Rome and All I Got Was This Lousy Recession.''

On the back, the T-shirt lists more than 30 foreign cities Bush has travelled to in the past year or plans to visit soon. Modeled after shirts sold at rock concerts, the cities are listed under the headline: ''George Bush ... The Anywhere But America Tour.''

[Continued... (http://www.apnewsarchive.com/1991/Democrats-Lampoon-Bush-With-Anywhere-But-America-T-Shirts/id-331a13801612ac4bc7343b759dbaad1d)]
Title: Re: "Anywhere But America" Radio
Post by: SingleTax on August 29, 2015, 02:31:14 pm
This anywhere but America stuff, save for that one segment of the show in which Webster finally tosses an obligatory crumb of "domestic" coverage to his American-based audience (which, 90% of the time, usually means pretending that the political persecution of Edward Pinkney is the only thing going on this country worth talking about) so that he can say -- "See? I don't always focus on just Europe and Asia!" -- has become WAY too formulaic in recent months to be dismissed as a mere arbitrary change of focus on Webster's part.

Was Tarpley's contract with GCN revised so that the vast majority of his show had to be restricted to overseas coverage, lest he revert to his habit of saying too many politically incorrect things about Rand Paul and other darlings of the Austrian School-dominated "Tea Party"?
Title: Re: Way too much focus on Europe and Asia
Post by: Stan on November 15, 2015, 01:13:49 am
Yeah, even as a European I can see where you're coming from. I mean the Greek situation was important for a time but I don't need to hear the ins and outs of what our mainlander chums are up to. Unless there's a big election or something.

It was probably just over a year ago I started skipping through massive chunks of the show (often half or more). Though that tended to be due to domestic stuff like Pinkney and insignificant or unwinnable elections involving the Tax Wall St Party.

Though both seem to have taken a back seat now - which is good. I just hope they're not permanently replaced by hour-long 'Baddy of the Week' segments featuring campaigns against some member of the government which could be dealt with in a single ten minute section of the show.