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« on: January 02, 2015, 10:15:02 am »
By: Phil Grande, Phil's Gang

Under the Obama administration we are living in an age of financial engineering in which the financial markets are manipulated to an all-time high by keeping the interest rates artificially at an all-time low. Saving is discouraged to encourage spending; which has not worked and the proof can be seen in the results of the 4 day Black Friday Christmas spending spree that turned out to be a bust.

The demand for gold is at historic highs, yet the price for gold is heading for historic lows complements of the Federal Reserve. They continue to manipulate and decrease its price; which shouldn't be a surprise to see JPM involved along with the other "too big to fail banks" placing heavy short positions on gold not to exclude silver.

There are several reasons the Federal Reserve intentionally depresses gold prices.

First; The Federal Reserve is in the business of selling dollars, they are not selling gold because gold is a direct competitor to their dollar.

Second;  Gold prices are manipulated lower to protect the U.S. dollar exchange value, so China will continue to have the incentive to  loan our congress  money. China, by printing their currency the Yuan, purchases our dollars in order to purchase our treasuries which is critical for our economy. The more treasuries China buys the more demand increases resulting in increasing prices which causes a decrease in interest rates (yields) on those treasuries. This then lowers the cost of borrowing not only for the US government but also for Main Street, home mortgages, car loans, student loans credit cards etc.

Third; the other reason it's important for the Fed to depress the price of gold is because higher demand for gold prices indicates a loss of confidence in the US dollar. This would change the value of the Yuan vs the Dollar ultimately changing the interest charged. This means the exchange rate with China would then demand higher rates of interest. For every 1% increase in rates there is an additional $100 Billion a year in interest cost.

It's my opinion that with the Fed adding $1 trillion a year to our money supply, the price or exchange value of the dollar is setting  up to fail. A fall in the dollar's exchange rate would then push up import prices of consumers goods at the worst of times; i.e. when wages are stagnant. Heath care costs will rise in 2015 from 8% to 26% and that in turn is going to set off a collapse in bond prices. That being said, the values of the $300 trillion in derivative debt which is held by the 5 "too big to fail" banks, (including the Federal Reserve), would fall, then setting off a panic in the US and global financial system in which gold would surge.

This is why I believe the 5 "too big to fail banks" lead by Citi, paid off the 10 most powerful congressmen via way of political contributions of  $12,000 to $40,000; with the ultimate purpose being to bailout the banks from their $300 trillion in derivative debt obligations. Thus shifting the debt obligations to the US Treasury, which is the ordinary tax payer, by simply having Citi author and attach a rider to the $1.2 trillion dollar spending bill. Keep your eyes open for that one folks.

The timing however of this derivative bank bailout is curious. Why now after 6 years? My guess is the "too big to fail banks" as well as billionaires like Buffett and Soros see the collapse of the stock market along with the bond and dollar markets. They have been unloading stocks faster than a speeding bullet and getting ready to buy gold. Yet there was no hint of a pending crisis in Obama's end -of -the -year speech where he described his 2014 successes as so very upbeat. In my mind all that  was missing in that description was  a Swiss mountain top backdrop and the music score from the 1959 musical The Sound of Music with Michelle Obama standing in for Julie Andrews singing the lyrics by Rogers & Hammerstein. One thing is for sure, at least the musical was based on "reality".

Obama's end of the year speech was all "fantasy."  His top fantasy of the year, the Affordable Care Act, by saying it worked; when the fact of the matter is that it would only work if it were affordable for the lower economic segment of the population or the 10 million poor.

For the 10 million poor to receive a $200 subsidy toward a $345 silver policy from a state exchange, so that as Pelosi said :  the poor won't be "job locked", so they can quit work and go home and pursue their dream; it will only cost them just $100 a month... not the $345 a month,  is just plain crazy. Obama has taken from the pockets of the 263 million hard working middle class, an amount of about $200 a month in disposable income.  This is the income that should have gone back into the economy but instead it has been redistributed to the 10 million poor.

Looking out onto the horizon, for the first time there will be enough republicans in the house to make impeaching the communist - mentored Obama easy. He should be impeached for Obamacare alone which has destroyed our economy and our full time jobs and if you need another reason... here are 6 more of his BIGGEST and most repeated lies of 2014...

"Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency."

"The Fast and Furious program was a field-initiated program begun under the previous administration."

"Not even a smidgen of corruption."

"You can keep your insurance and your doctor period"

"We revealed to the American people exactly what we understood at the time."

"I promise I will put on C-SPAN all the health care negotiations"

"The Affordable care act does not add one dime to the deficits"
The lesson Obama has yet to learn "you can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but you can't fool all the people all the time " 


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