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by American sociobiologist, Rebecca D. Costa

Speaking on The Costa Report, former National Security Advisor to President Reagan, and architect of the Strategic Defense Initiative known as "Star Wars," Robert McFarlane, explained why he is in favor of a formal Declaration of War against ISIS.  According to McFarlane, without a Declaration of War, funds to combat ISIS will be dispersed on a "case-by-case" basis, putting the U.S. military effort in jeopardy of political bickering in Washington. McFarlane warned that ISIS "... truly does threaten stability in the United States."  These debates over policy "can tie-up action forever," he went on to say.

McFarlane explained that "regaining territory" is a military objective which will require thousands of U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq and Syria. When asked whether other industrialized nations might take the lead with the U.S. playing a supporting role, McFarlane responded, "We (the United States) are uniquely qualified to do this, and it's in our best interest to do this. We're the only ones who have been there, done that, and can do it again."

McFarlane expressed worry that without a formal Declaration of War, as well as a Status of Forces Agreement, U.S. military personnel have no real authority to act on foreign ground - a dangerous situation which the U.S. found itself in following the invasion of Iraq.  The former National Security Advisor urged the administration to negotiate "an agreement where our troops are protected against capricious lawsuits." He explained that failure to make a Declaration of War and secure a Status of Forces agreement "is bad leadership on our side."
McFarlane concluded by reassuring the citizens of the United States that ISIS can, and will, be defeated, while encouraging leaders in Washington to act quickly: "We have an urgent need to turn the tide against this barbaric force."

To hear the full interview with Robert McFarlane, visit
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