Author Topic: Market Responds to Mid-Terms, Will Dems Choose To Legislate? Opioid Crisis/Borde  (Read 42 times)

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9:06-9:28a ET - Liz Peek - Fox News contributor and former top ranked Wall Street analyst says the Market likes the Mid-Term results, plus what’s ahead for Trump post this election.  

9:32-9:42a ET - Jordan Goodman - “America’s Money Answers Man” and a nationally recognized expert on personal finance discusses financial implications to Tuesday’s election

9:46-9:58a ET - Sara Carter - Fox News contributor and award winning investigative journalist, is unveiling a new documentary, Not in Vein (, which sheds light on America’s greatest national security threat: drug cartels, the opioid crisis, and America’s porous border.

10:06-10:29a ET - Dr John Lott - National Columnist and Top Selling Author, elaborates on the recent Synagogue shooting and gives his opinion on why it keeps happening.

10:32-10:42a ET - Ed Sandrick - Medicare Annual Election Period Has Begun; Setting the Record Straight About Common Medicare Misperceptions Impacting Veterans. Director of the Veterans Channel, Humana explains

10:46-10:58a ET - Steve Evans - Live from the Movie Capitol of the World, The Movie Guy reports on the Box Office Winners and coming attractions. 

11:06-11:29a ET - Raheel Raza - Clarion Project Advisory Board member, a founding member of the Muslim Reformer Movement, and international human rights activist asks, Why Aren't Muslim Nations Condemning the Khashoggi Affair?

11:32-11:42a ET - Council Nedd II - Co-chair of the Project 21 black leadership network, rector of St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, and a Pennsylvania State Constable Why He Chooses To Pack A Pistol Inside His Own Parish

11:46-11:58a ET - Samantha Dutton - New Survey Finds Veterans Less Likely to Seek Mental Health Counseling than Active-Duty Military Members.  Retired Lt. Col and Program Director for University of Phoenix College of Humanities and Sciences shares the survey results