Author Topic: Breaking News, The Rise of Conservatism, Tax Cuts for All & Sexual Abuse  (Read 596 times)

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We have the experts and guests who pursue the Truth as much as we do. It's politics, culture, faith and entertainment Monday-Friday 9-12n ET.

9:06-9:29a ET - Lee Edwards - The inside story of the rise of the conservative movement as told by the leading historian of the conservative movement in his new book, Just Right, A Life in Pursuit of Liberty

9:32-9:58a ET - Daniel Garza - What exactly does Tax Reform mean to Main Street America.  Exec Dir of The Libre Initiative discusses.

10:06-10:29a ET - Liz Peek - Conyers Retires and Is Sen Al Franken next? And the stock market keeps on rolling.  The & Fiscal Times columnist reports.

10:32-10:42a ET - Tara Kraft - What Do Women Really Want for the Holidays?  Listen to the lifestyle expert and former editor-in-chief of Shape

10:46-10:59a ET - Paul Kent - The prolific author and theologian presents Oswald Chambers: A Life in Pictures 

11:06-11:29a ET - Catalina Avalos - Former Judge and Sex Crimes Prosecutor Comments on Recent High-Profile Sexual Harassment News

11:32-11:58a ET - Jeff Kanter - Healthcare Insurance Expert & Co-Founder: My Academy of Health Excellence says it's time to put healthcare between us and our doctor.