Author Topic: Breaking News, A Review of the Sunday TV News Shows, & Tax Reform Finally?  (Read 941 times)

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We have the experts and guests who pursue the Truth as much as we do. It's politics, culture, faith and entertainment Monday-Friday 9-12n ET.

9:06-9:29a ET - Megan Barth - The proprietor of reviews the Sunday TV News Shows, and latest on Tax Reform, 

9:32-9:58a ET - Victor Davis Hanson - The Second World Wars:  How The First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won.  He is a senior fellow at the National Review Institute, the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution.

10:06-10:29a ET - Dr Anne Pierce - North Korea says US-South Korea military drills drive them to bring of a nuclear war.  The foreign policy analyst reports.

10:32-10:59a ET - Ed Conard - The best selling author, AEI Visiting Scholar and former Bain Capital partner explains, "Why I Oppose the Rubio-Lee Amendment."

11:06-11:29a ET - Dr Herb London - North Korea launches ICBM, raises threat to all of US says the President of the London Center for Policy Research.

11:32-11:58a ET - Shaun Attwood - What facing 200 years in prison & reading 1000 books taught Shaun about happiness.  He tells his story.


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