Author Topic: Five Years After Benghazi-Do We Know Any More? Contractor Now Speak Out  (Read 1992 times)

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We have the experts and guests who pursue the Truth as much as we do.  It's politics, culture, faith and entertainment Monday-Friday 9-12n ET.

9:00-9:29a ET - Breaking News - Benghazi Five Years Later, & Security Contractors Now Speak Out

9:32-9:42a ET - Charles Woods - Father Of Navy SEAL Slain in Benghazi five years later remembers and shares.

9:46-9:58a ET - James Hirsen - George Clooney and Jennifer Lawrence Alienate Potential Moviegoers.  Reporting is New York Times best-selling author, commentator, media analyst and law professor. 

10:06-10:15a ET - Austin Petersen - Trump chose the lesser of the two evils on the debt ceiling deal says the GOP U.S. Senate candidate out of Missouri.

10:19-10:29a ET - Josh Bernstein - Explains why we can't count on the Red Cross to help Hurricane Harvey & Irma Victims.

10:32-10:42a ET - Alan Reyes - USO Support of Hurricane Harvey & Hurricane Irma & The USO's Care Package Program.  Reyes is USO SVP of Operations & Programs.

10:46-10:58a ET - Andrea Kaye - It's "Cooler Talk Time" with the TV/Radio personality as we discuss the hot topics of the day.

11:06-11:29a ET - Sharyl Attkisson - Season 3 of her TV Show, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson started this past Sunday featuring N Korea.  Welcome to the most fearless half hour of original & investigative reporting on TV.  

11:32-11:58a ET - Charles Sasser - His new book, Crushing the Collective: The Last Chance to Keep America Free and Self-Governing illuminates the very real dangers of the socialistic mind-set that is currently threatening Americans’ freedoms 

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