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The Tech Night Owl LIVE — June 17, 2017
« on: June 16, 2017, 09:27:46 pm »
On this week’s all-star episode, we present long-time tech journalist and editor Adam Engst, of TidBITS. During this segment, Gene and Adam will have an extensive discussion about Apple’s forthcoming professional Macs, the iMac Pro and the new Mac Pro. Is the iMac Pro, which will start at $4,999 when it debuts in December, overpriced compared to the competition? Will a decked out version cost as much as a compact car? You’ll be surprised at the response. There will also be a discussion about whether Macs are good for hosting web sites, and about cloud solutions for hosting. During this segment, Gene will talk about his brief experience using a Mac mini to host all his sites.

You’ll also hear from prolific author Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus, who will talk about a variety of issues related to Apple, such as the Apple Watch and why he wouldn’t mind a slightly thicker iPhone if it came with a battery that lasted longer. The discussion will also cover the newest Macs, whether Bob plans to buy one of those upgraded models, and what about the future of Apple’s digital assistant, Siri? Bob will also talk about the print version of his latest book, “Working Smarter for Mac Users,” and how it can help you become more productive in getting work done on your computer. Bob had to overcome an ADHD condition in order to become a working writer.

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