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The Tech Night Owl LIVE — March 18, 2017
« on: March 17, 2017, 09:23:46 pm »
We feature the one and only CrackBerry Kevin (Kevin Michaluk), who was in the process of traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada hosting KeyOne meet-ups for diehard BlackBerry fans. The KeyOne is a long-awaited traditional BlackBerry smartphone with physical keys that runs the Android OS. Kevin will also present a detailed history of the BlackBerry, and where the original executive team went wrong in attempting to compete with the threat of the Apple iPhone. It’s a fascinating story of what might have been.

You’ll also hear from active author Joe Kissell, who will discuss one of his recent books, “Take Control of Your Digital Legacy.”  The will be a far-ranging discussion that starts with physical belongings that can be converted to digital format, including floppy disks, vinyl and tape media and photos. There will also be a lengthy discussion on preparing a digital will, and which assets can be transferred to your heirs. What about the music and movies you bought from iTunes and other online vendors? Will you be able to transfer the license to a family member, or will they be forced to rely on your username and password if they want to use these assets? Simple backup techniques will also be discussed, and Joe will explain some of the problems he’s encountered with MacOS Sierra.

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