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The Tech Night Owl LIVE — November 26, 2016
« on: November 25, 2016, 08:32:39 pm »
We feature outspoken blogger and podcaster Peter Cohen, who focuses on the questions raised about Apple’s ongoing commitment to professional users. And what about published reports, since denied, that chief designer Sir Jonathan Ive may no longer be fully involved in developing new Apple gear? The discussion also includes ousting the manager of the automation division, home of AppleScript, Apple’s decision to give up building its own displays, and the ever-controversial Late 2016 MacBook Pro, which features the contextual Touch Bar and a much higher price.

You’ll also hear from columnist Joe Wilcox, of BetaNews, who will explain why he prefers his new iPhone 7 Plus despite the fact that he finds some of Google’s services, such as its voice assistant, to be superior. What should Apple be thankful for during the holiday season? Joe offers his opinions about his 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bear, and also the impact of Google’s Chromebook in American school systems, and whether its cheap price and focus on cloud-based apps makes it a better educational alternative. And what about Microsoft’s controversial decision to force Windows 10 upgrades on users, and what about sharing telemetry data culled from users with third parties?
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