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The Tech Night Owl, October 15
« on: October 17, 2016, 07:22:58 am »
The Tech Night Owl, October 15
By: Gene Steinberg, The Paracast 

Each week, Gene speaks directly to the industry's movers and shakers, including corporate leaders, industry analysts, and regular panels that feature the most respected journalists who cover personal technology.

Featured on this episode is outspoken blogger and podcaster Peter Cohen. This week, Peter talks about Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 scandal, in which the product was discontinued because over 100 handsets overheated or caught fire. How is Samsung handling the controversy, and how will Apple deal with the fallout? The discussion also focuses on falling Mac sales and whether the dearth of new models is at least partly responsible. And what about the Pixel, Phone by Google smartphone? How will Google's Android partners react to the competition?

You'll also hear a comprehensive security update from ethical hacker Dr. Timothy Summers, President of Summers & Company, a cyber strategy and organizational design consulting firm. This week, Dr. Summers talks about the reports that the Russians are responsible for the recent hacks of Democratic emails and Twitter accounts. Can we believe the WikiLeaks disclosure of this material, or has it been altered? Is this the beginning of a possible Cybersecurity Cold War? How will it play out, and how can you protect your own email and other online accounts from hacks? Dr. Summers also discusses the recently revealed email hack at Yahoo, and whether the late disclosure will impact Verizon's decision to acquire that company.

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