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Kevin O'Keefe -- land, geolibertarianism
« on: December 21, 2015, 11:08:08 pm »
 JOYCE, I called in this morning with guest Kevin O’Keefe.
I mentioned a movement called geolibertarianism.

This is basically, real classical liberalism, the ideas of Jefferson, Paine, Locke etc. The idea is not to merely freeze the status quo, built on past injustice, and call that "liberty" -- but to remedy past injustice so that all can actually have and enjoy liberty.

A major piece is to address the distribution of land. Thomas Jefferson believed “the Earth is given as a common stock for men to labour and live on.”

Another, to get rid of all the onerous taxes upon our labor-capital. The reform described below accomplishes both aims.

You cannot redistribute land physically -- that would create just the sort of gargantuan bureaucracy and social-engineering project that we are trying to get rid of. But you can do it monetarily.

 The major effect is, to break up land oligopoly – which has so many positive implications economically that they are hard to even list. 

Totally untaxing wages, savings, etc., has many positive implications as well.   
A "positive side effect" is to re-empower State and local government. 
This is an absolutely necessary complement to any monetary or other reforms, as I think becomes clear once you study it.
The maldistribution of land works to neutralize the benefit of any other kind of reform. The geolibertarian treatment of land fixes that.

Some of the legislation has to occur at State level. Other things need to be changed at the local level.
Reforms at federal level can be harmonized with these, but don't have to be.

You can see a brief summary from Dr. Fred Foldvary (1page ) titled "The Ultimate Tax Reform," even though it is about more than just taxes.

And his full paper
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