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GCN Website Update Notice:
« on: October 14, 2014, 10:43:17 am »
Dear GCN users:

Lately you might have noticed recent improvements to the GCN Live website to help streamline the functionality and user friendliness of the site. These recent improvements are to help benefit you as the GCN user and to make the GCN website more interactive between users and hosts.

To help improve functionality and user interaction, the archives/podcast page now allows users to select either a single date or a date range of two weeks at a time. Users will also notice the added "Community" section on the right hand side of the Archives page that displays current topics and conversations occurring on the GCN Community Forum. The "Community" section is an added improvement that allows users to create a community profile and interact with other users, as well as GCN hosts.

The "Community" section allows users to post and comment on topics/conversations within the GCN Community forum, creating an open line of communication between GCN, GCN hosts and users of the forum. Please note, as a security measurement for the privacy of past users, previous GCN account holders will need to re-register for an account. Any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the overhaul of the GCN website and "Community" forum should be expressed using the GCN Community Forum.

Let us know what your thoughts on the new GCN Community Forum and website are, as we would love to hear your feedback!

Please post your feedback here or make your own topic in the General Discussion board.
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